The PC family is like Nanofiber on steroids. Innovation and a need for high efficiency filtration at an economical price has been the driving force in the development of our PC product line. Backed with a polyblend substrate and then laminated with our proprietary Flexi-Tex ePTFE membrane, the PC gives the customer a high efficiency HEPA grade media along with a durable membrane, all at a very affordable price. Unlike nanofibers that pulse off after many cleaning cycles, the PTFE PC Products offers a membrane that will last the full life of the filter. HEPA efficiency from start to finish, stronger than glass, longer lasting membrane than any nanofiber, chemical tolerant are features that no other filter media can give.




A Fire Retardant coating is applied to this corrugated poly-blended ePTFE media, and then the proprietary Flexi-Tex is permanently bonded to the substrate that will not allow delamination. The PC200-FR offers industries the lowest pressure drop in a HEPA grade E11 efficiency at an economical price. This 100% hydrophobic media is an upgrade to nanofiber products in durability and efficiency. The ePTFE membrane is permanently bonded to the substrate and offers excellent particulate release and is resistant to harmful chemicals and salt. The Poly-Blend base and proprietary Relaxed membrane put this media in a class of its own.

• Industrial air filtration
• Welding (Laser, Plasma)
• Stainless Steel Welding
• Pharmaceuticals
• Plating
• Food Processing
• Powder Coating
• Cement